Crafting Your Business Personality With Facebook

Are you using Facebook for you business yet? If not it’s time to start.

As a business it is important that people understand who you are, not just what you have to offer. People want to connect with something real. Not just a logo, a jingle, or a moto. When you can show your customers your personality you are bringing life to your business. Facebook is something that, if utilized properly, will help you create an facebook rocketonline personality. There are over a billion people on Facebook. All of these people share information through profiles. These profiles are used to make connections. These connections are made in countless ways. One of the ways these connections are made is between businesses or services and people interested in those businesses or services. This is what we will focus on. This is what you need to utilize. Right now. Today.


“Facebook is an intergalactic marketing rocket that will blast you into social media marketing bliss. Are you a willing and ready rocketeer?”

Daniel Ducloux (TexaSEO, Internet Marketing Specialist)


A few settings you want to focus on are your birth date, bio, photo, relationship status, likes, and interests.

 First things first. You must create a personal Facebook page. Facebook terms of service stipulate that you are only allowed one account in your own real name. Once you create this profile you have choices to make as far as how you will manage your contacts. You can either keep your profile to connect with friends and family or you can choose to blend your personal contacts with your professional contacts. I personally use my profile for personal and professional connections. Either way you decide to do it you will need to adjust your profile settings so that you control who sees what content.


Here are 10 easy steps to help get you started with Facebook for business.

 1. For security reasons I would consider hiding your birth date.

2. Create your biography in a first person, conversational tone. Also, summarize your bio in the “mini-bio” section under your profile picture.

3. Your profile picture needs to be a professionally taken headshot. Don’t look overly professional and uptight. Go for a relaxed, informal-yet professional-look. It’s so easy to upload decent pictures from your phone to Facebook but you really need avoid that temptation. You need to portray yourself as an expert and a professional. Your first impression is priceless. YOU NEED A PROFESSIONAL PROFILE PICTURE. Also, make sure your picture is up to date.

4. Keep your private life private. Keep your relationship status blank.

5. Fill out likes and interests so you can connect with others who have those interests.

6. Grow your friends list in a natural way. Don’t aimlessly add contacts for the sake of contacts.

7. Make friends lists. You can control who sees what information, filter your news feed, and control who sees your availability on Facebook chat.

8. Adjust your privacy settings. This is important. Don’t assume the default privacy settings are sufficient for your privacy,

9. Set up a facebook page. This is your “business page”. This will help you gain tremendous visibility. This a public page. It’s like another website in the sense that one doesn’t have to be logged in to Facebook to view it.

10. Make your Facebook page fun and educational. Nobody likes an attention hog so don’t constantly promote yourself. Use the 80/20 rule. 80 percent of your content needs to be educational and non-promotional. 20 percent can be promotional.


These are few ways to get you started with Facebook for your business. Follow these steps and whether you’re from From Los Angeles, New York, or Dallas you can start garnering the client base you need now. Once this is completed pat yourself on the back because this is a huge piece of your SEO puzzle.


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