How To Uncover Your Brand Personality – a brand personality exercise

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  • Friday, March 6, 2015

A Quick Brand Personality Exercise

Feel free to print this page, sit down, and spend a few minutes thinking about where your company falls between the below descriptors. You can download the Brand Personality Exercise Example Questionnaire Here

Mark the location where you feel your company falls along the spectrum. Don’t over think this, and don’t spend too much time on this. Even if you are not there now, feel free to envision where you’d like your company to be. Mark your locations and continue reading.

Brand Personality Spectrum Exercise

Personable and friendly ___________________________________ Corporate, professional
Spontaneous, high energy __________________________________________Careful thinking, planning
Modern or high tech _______________________________ Classic and traditional
Cutting edge ___________________________________ Established
Fun ___________________________________ Serious
Accessible to all ___________________________________ Upscale

Where is your Company on the Brand Personality Spectrum?

If most of your dots were on the left:
Your company is contemporary, fast-moving and energetic. You like to make ideas happen quickly, and you don’t mind taking risks. Your communication style is friendly and approachable.

If most of your dots were toward the right:
Your company is traditional, relies on solid planning and established ways of getting things done. You might be trying to appeal to upscale clientele, and your communication style is corporate and professional.

What does this mean for your business?

It means knowledge. defining your brand personality traits means you can now apply them consistently in your visual and verbal communications throughout your customers lifecycle.

Having a clear vision of your brand personality will help in deciphering your typography, choice of colors, wording, and actions taken.

A traditional and established company will:
Use classic typefaces that have been around for hundreds of year.
The color palette will have rich hues and be a little more on the conservative side.
Formal and corporate will be their communication style.
Generally since the brand is using time tested, age old elements, the style will look fresh and clean 5+ years from now.

A high energy and contemporary company will:
Have a vivid and trendy color palette.
Typefaces will have been released within the last 10 years or so.
Graphic style will be open, feel airy, and for the most part be asymmetrical.
The voice of the company will be friendly and approachable.
Generally this company will have to re-make their image more often than the traditional and established company above.

Help! My company is mostly in the middle!

If you are in between the spectrum, that is probably the worst place you can possibly be. You’ll need to take a stand on certain issues presented as you are virtually guaranteeing that your brand will be entirely forgettable as it is neither here nor there.

The middle is death. Avoid it at all costs.

WOW! My company is all over the place! Great!

Your company falls someone on the left spectrum and somewhat on the right spectrum. Great! You are a quirky brand that doesn’t necessarily fit easily into a box! That’s unique! Mix and match traits from the list above. These companies often use traditional typography and colors, Their approach is usually very friendly and approachable in their marketing materials.

Shine on!
Every brand has a personality. Whilst one personally is not any greater than the other, it is yours and you should let it shine. Once your personality is identified use that knowledge in all the marketing work that you do.

You will soon have your communications looking and sounding like they are all coming from the same authoritative source. Express this verbally and in written copy.

Please feel free to share this worksheet if you found it useful! You can print this page or download the worksheet in PDF format here.

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