Mobile Friendly is Business Friendly

Recently, we have been recommending that all our clients take advantage of mobile friendly website optimization. Google Recently announced that this was a ranking factor. We are also seeing adverse effects with clients who do not have their sites mobile friendly. The last thing you want is your perfect customer slipping through the cracks because your website isn’t working.

mobile friendly web siteIf your site is in WordPress, our recommended option is to make your website responsive. There is another option that utilizes a plugin to help make your website mobile friendly, however we would recommend creating your website in a way that will show up properly on all browsers and screens.

There are other options out there, we 100% suggest making your website mobile friendly. Google has a new tool that shows whether a website is “mobile friendly” or not.


Here are some common mistakes to avoid when mobile optimizing your website.

1. Blocked JavaScript, CSS, and image files

2. Unplayable content

3. Faulty redirects

5. Mobile-only 404s

5. App only interstitials

6. Irrelevant cross links

7. Slow mobile pages

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