Our Five Pillar SEO Approach Will Grow Your Business Quickly

If you are like most marketers or business owners you feel frustrated about how poorly your current website drives SEO leads and sales. Much of that frustration comes from the lack of skilled resources and time. We understand.

SEO is no longer as simple as putting keywords in title tags, creating some optimized SEO copy and building a few links.

Google has gotten much more sophisticated in recent years because its users have. They demand a lot more from the search results they get, just like your customers are demanding a lot more from you.

That means your SEO campaign has to work a lot harder and do more things correctly if you’re going to compete for that highly desirable search traffic.

Our Five Pillar SEO Approach, developed over the last 13 years, has helped thousands of businesses go from depressed and defeated to lead generation superstars.

The strategies and plans we produce provide you with the specific steps we will take to help you achieve your goals.

What will a five pillar strategy do for you?

  • Increase qualified organic search engine traffic
  • Lower your cost per lead or sale
  • Get a better return on your marketing investment

How the Five Pillars Work Together

The five SEO pillars work together to give you quick results while supporting long-term traffic and conversion growth. Initially by optimizing your existing site for conversions and search engines you will see a rapid and significant boost in traffic and visitor engagement. In order to sustain these results long-term, your website must be supported with quality, engaging content that attracts the right prospects and keeps them coming back. To continue multiplying traffic and search rankings, you must also prove to the search engines that your website is valuable and trustworthy. We do this by building authority through quality citation and backlink development, in addition to promoting your content to influencers in order to build social credibility..

Conversion Optimization ensures that the website you’ve worked so hard to create is working just as hard to take full advantage of existing traffic in order to reap financial rewards sooner. By analyzing the critical pages on your site where people buy, sign up, and ask question, we help optimize your sales funnel. In many cases this results in a quick and significant effect on your customer conversion and bottom line. If you’re responsible for generating leads on your company’s website, showing quick results will go a long way towards building your credibility and freeing up additional budget to focus on traffic growth.

Content Development plays a critical role in both growing traffic and increasing conversions. The more effective your web copy, the more it will convert visitors. We develop your content to provide customers with the information they’re looking for in the right place, at the right time. Depending on the type of content being produced and your dedication to getting it published, it can start affecting your traffic and conversions within months; though it may take longer if your site doesn’t have an established authority.

SEO & Website Optimization provides a quicker boost to organic traffic especially if there is a substantial amount of existing content and authority. The infrastructure and key pages of your website need regular development and updating to stay fresh and relevant for the search engines. As we target new search phrases, optimize both old and new content, and fix structural issues, your website will become visible to more prospects and your traffic will continue to grow.

Authority Building includes off-site content placement and backlink development, magnifies the success of the on-page work and content creation. Customers don’t believe you’re great just because you say you are. Thoughtful link building, social promotion and content marketing raise your business’s profile in the market by building authority and trust with the search engines and users. As we establish your website as an authority your pages and keywords will continue to rank better and drive more traffic.

Promotion via both social and search platforms is a quick way to drive traffic and build authority by creating engagement, building your link profile and ultimately establishing trust with search engines. We reach out to influencers in your market to promote your content, encouraging them to share these resources with their followers. Our promotion process targets the watering holes and social gathering places where your industry influencers and target audience congregate online. Serving your content to the right people and in the right places makes it easy for them to see its value and share it with others.

Measurement & Strategy

There is no such thing as set-it-and-forget-it SEO. Underlying the five pillars are measurement and strategy which help guide our efforts every month. We actively review your KPIs and metrics to fine-tune each campaign to deliver the results you need. Working with you side by side, we constantly re-evaluate your budget allocation based on the information and metrics collected, applying the results back to the right tactics.

What Makes Us Different

Robust Approach.

Our team of experienced SEO, content, and outreach professionals have perfected strategies, systems and technologies that enable us to create high-quality, scalable, organic search marketing solutions using our Five Pillar approach. We have a deep knowledge of all necessary SEO tactics and the ability to apply those tactics to a big-picture service.

Communication & Reporting.

By clearly communicating the processes, planning and budgeting strategies, we aim to establish mutual understanding and trust with you as our client. Through our consistent and open communication we provide reports and progress updates that give you full insights into the work we are doing and answer any questions you may have.

Keeping You Agile.

Because your competitors, the search engines and markets are all in movement, we make sure that we’re constantly re-allocating resources to provide the best return on investment for your company. We guarantee to make progress and help budget for your individual business goals.


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