A Practical Content Creation Guide

No matter what kind of business you have is there is one thing that is crucial to your marketing strategy: Content. You have to decide who your market is and what you are going to say to them to get their business. Whether it’s on your website, social media, online advertisement, or a billboard, you need a content strategy that is relevant and valuable to the market and your business.


These are 8 practical questions to ask when developing content.content


1. Do you prefer a professional voice or a casual/lighthearted voice for your content? (Professional voice is more formal/informational while a casual voice is more conversational, uses contractions, uses humor, pop culture references etc.). This is important. What kind of personality are you trying to portray?


2. What are some ways you distinguish yourself from your competition in your industry? (You will want to emphasize this differentiation in your content writing). Offer a solutions to a pains that your potential clients may facing.


3. What are some examples of websites and web content that you like? It’s ok to get inspiration from those who are doing something better than you.


4. What are some examples of websites and web content that you don’t prefer? Don’t be afraid to spot what you don’t want.


5. What industry keywords do you want to see in your content? This goes back to your target market. What kind of lingo is common in the industry you’re servicing?

6. Do you want to include a FAQ page for your web visitors? Compile a list of common questions you have to answer for your clients.


7. Can I get some background bio information for the “About Us” page? People want to know some interesting background info on your company.

8. Do you want the “About Us” page personal with information about your family/interests or strictly professional?

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