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  • ByDaniel Ducloux

  • Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Installing the Yoast Plugin for WordPress isn’t SEO

First off, let’s make it clear that we think that Yoast makes a great SEO plugin. It does a great job of traditional onsite technical SEO, and is in a small way, a middling substitute for an in-house SEO- but only to a point. Remember, SEO  isn’t any one thing- it’s a combination of many things. Writing to the plugins’ specifications, making sure all of the lights are green is fine, but the plugin can’t measure SEO- it can only measure if you’ve matched certain data conditions. That’s fine and dandy for the “bot” side of the equation- but you could also make a very ugly, non-grammatically-correct site with a poor user experience by following its recommendations. Use the Yoast SEO plugin as a tool- a good tool, to be sure- but don’t put all your eggs in that particular basked. A professional SEO company like Austin SEO is going to do a lot more than just light up those lights. And if you have an SEO who doesn’t light up the lights, that’s not an automatic reason to disqualify them. Just ask them to justify their choices.

Expect to Contribute

SEO and Internet marketing in general aren’t a ‘set it and forget it’ proposition. There are two approaches you can take when attempting to do your own marketing- you can try to trick Google’s algorithm with links- which is getting harder all the time- or you can focus on translating your brand and unique value proposition into a format that bots and users together can appreciate. That usually translates as “produce great content and you will be rewarded”. This is generally true, but in many cases technical issues that were simply never considered when a site was created can devastate a site that has an otherwise good user experience.

The recent revelation of Google’s new RankBrain algorithm shouldn’t really be any type of surprise- data feeds data and as Google collects more data about User behavior they will continue to iteratively feed their search algorithm as a natural evolution of their search product. Your goal in online marketing is the same as it always was- optimize your products and services to be served up on SERPs by being the best user resource. Given that option or the option of chasing the SEO dragon of the perfect, algorithm beating page, we recommend simply contributing.

It takes effort, just like the black hat-algorithm chasing stuff. But it’s for the long haul and your organic efforts are unlikely to be wiped out by an algorithm change. This is where your Internet Marketing team needs you- you are the subject matter expert in your business niche, they are the subject matter in Internet Marketing. If you want your marketing team to be subject matter experts, then allow for that- you can’t reasonably expect them to learn everything about your business while they are also trying to market it. The most successful Internet Marketing campaigns are about collaboration, not about simply turning the work over to a vendor.

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