Close the Loop and Open Your Potential

Competitors Aiming for the Same Goal

Communication is Key

Have you ever found yourself at odds with someone over a misunderstanding, or simply “out of the the loop” based on poor communication? I know I have. In fact, it may be safe assume that many of life’s problems come from poor communication. Based on the this idea, TexaSEO has worked hard to optimize a business model that “closes the loop”. Now, you’re probably thinking, “this is obvious.” However, sometimes the most obvious ideas are the most overlooked. They can be hidden in plain sight.


What is Closed-Loop Marketing?

Closed-loop marketing is a way in which sales teams report to marketing about what happened to leads that they received, which helps marketing understand their best and worst lead sources. This creates a situation where the visitor-to-lead and lead-to-customer process is more efficient and effective.


Benefits of Closed-Loop Marketing?

  1. handshakeAs a business, ROI (return on investment) is foremost.
  2. Closed-loop marketing makes it possible to provide a SLA (service level agreement), which sets forth tangible goals for a marketing campaign. This boosts ROI.
  3. Shared analytics and data provide the framework for this SLA and continuously allow for optimization of a marketing campaign. The SLA goals are floating points that consistently evolve to provide a better ROI.


It’s Time to Implement Closed-Loop Tactics

  1. For example, at TexaSEO, we are continually analyzing data and finding better solutions for a provided SLA.
  2. We know that closing the loop is the key to a higher ROI. Consider closing the loop with your business.
  3. Partner with those that use smart, tangible tactics to provide service that promotes a better ROI.

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