The Most Common SEO Mistakes

If you are a first time website owner who wanted to gain rankings in the search engines then you may have read a few articles or blogs and felt inspired to do SEO on your own. Maybe you tried for a few months or more and found that no matter what you did your rankings sank lower and lower.

Before you completely give up read this article to see where you might have gone wrong. Remember, you can always correct your mistakes…


Acquisition of Bad Links

Every SEO knows that if you want to rank in Google then you need to acquire links to your website from other websites. Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand that the number of links isn’t as important as the quality of the links.

Many times I see websites that have a huge backlinking profile, but with poor rankings. Where they went wrong was with the links that they acquired. If you get a backlink on a website that doesn’t rank in Google, then why would you think you would rank for a link on their site? This kind of link building can actually hurt your site.

Remember to consider domain authority, page rank and alexa rank when acquiring links.


Bidding on Wrong Keywords for PPC

Don’t throw your money away by bidding on the wrong keywords in PPC. Make sure that your keyword strategy is clear and practical. You want to make sure that your ad is relevant to the product or service that you offer.

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Sitting by and Laying Low…

A big mistake can be putting your SEO campaign on hold. A lot of people who run their own site for their business fall into this trap. Maybe they become preoccupied with another aspect of their business or maybe they stop paying whoever is managing their SEO. Whatever the case is, make sure you don’t stop doing SEO.

Google will notice if your website is not being updated and if your site is not acquiring links. Google may begin to view you as irrelevant to certain keyword searches.


Contradicting Info

If you are submitting to directories, review websites or local directories then it is important to make sure that all of your contact information is uniform on every submission. If you have contact info that is contradictory, i.e. different addresses or phone numbers, then Google may gain suspicion of the legitimacy of your site. You may be punished for something like this.


Neglecting Your Site

If you have a blog then update it! If your site doesn’t have a blog, then make one! Running a blog on your site is a great way to ensure that Google will see your site as alive and relevant. It also provides your followers with content. Don’t forget to update your webpages with content as well making sure that they are keyword rich. Also, respond to comments left on your site so that you can build a rich and thriving community around and within your website.


If you avoid these mistakes then you will dodge some of the most common mistakes made in SEO. Your website will thank you too.


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