Create Infographics for Links and Authority

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Infographics tend to fall in and out of favor with search marketers and SEO companies, for a while they were being exploited with embedded back links and so they were fairly severely devalued by Search Engine Algorithms. However, if you take the time, do the research and create a useful infographic that’s properly optimized it can still pay off in spades.

Infographics meet three of the major criteria for web content to be used for marketing- they are shareable, they are linkable, and they are ‘evergreen’- meaning that they are always relevant, not just tied to a particular point in time (if you design them properly). This allows them to be relevant for more than just a short window of opportunity. Infographics can also be repurposed to create more content in the form of White Papers or even Press Releases.

The visual aspect of infographics is very important- it’s much easier to explain complex concepts in a visual form. Also, content that includes a visual reference gets shared five times more on social media sites like Facebook, and HubSpot has reported as much as a 40% higher interaction rate when visuals are added to content.

One of the most compelling aspects of creating an infographic is the opportunity to get links. When people reference or embed your infographic in their site, they are creating a followed back link to your resource on your site. As a tip, make sure you include a conversion point such as a URL to follow or a phone number to call in the content of the infographic itself- this way, even if the content is not properly attributed to you, you will still have a conversion point for viewers.

Infographics are still a viable way to attract links, build authority, and get your content noticed. Contact Texas SEO today to get started designing yours!

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