Inbound Marketing: Why Blogging?

Blogging frequently, efficiently, and affectively is a huge piece of your inbound marketing picture. Start today!

Whether you are a marketing professional, a photographer or a mechanic, having a frequently updated blog for your business is crucial to succeeding in search engine results pages. When your website succeeds your business succeeds. So how does a blog help your rankings? What other benefits are there for blogging?

The Search Enginesblog

Having a blog that you frequently update (1-5 times/wk) will offer searchers with content to read and it will boost your rankings if you are smart about writing keyword rich content. So if you are a marketer and you write a 500 word article on “how to create a killer logo”, then Google may give you credit for search queries on “how to create a killer logo”.

The key is to write content on keywords that you want to be ranked for. If you want to be ranked for Dallas SEO, then you should consider writing content about digital marketing in Dallas, TX. It’s this type of keyword strategy that will help you to beat your competitors. Chances are, that your competitors are beating you because they are already updating their blog.

Brand Your Brand

If you consistently write articles that are authoritative in a certain field then you will eventually be seen as an authority on that subject. Google gives big rankings to sites that are seen as an authority and your potential customers will become actual customers. Pretty soon you will have other websites wanting to link to you.

Create Customer Relations

Blogs allow for conversation to develop between you and the readers. If you allow commenting on your blog posts then this will allow you to connect in a personal way with a community that cares about what you offer and this can equal client growth and retention. Joining in conversations that spark from your blog also shows customers that you care and are willing to answer any questions they might have. This can put unsure skeptics at ease.

Social Sharing

Having a blog will give you content to share on your social media sites. A big problem that a lot of businesses have is that they feel like they have nothing unique to share with their followers. If you have a blog that you frequently update then you can offer that content to your followers.

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