Resource: Best Link Building Posts of 2012 (SEL)

  • ByDaniel Ducloux

  • Friday, January 4, 2013

Image via Shutterstock, used under license

Link building certainly was a hot topic in 2012 – maybe it’s because Penguins are so gosh darn cute that we just can’t help ourselves, right?

Outside of the penalties dished out by cute black and white animals and search engine algorithms alike, our team of veteran link builders kept doling out solid advice for search marketers.

Whether you need a fresh start on link building in 2013 or are just looking for a few new ideas and sparks of inspiration, take a look at some of the tips and observations shared in the wildly popular posts listed below.

All you need to know about link building is printed clearly in black and white.

Our Most Read Link Building Posts Of 2012

  1. 50+ Things Every Link Builder Needs To Know – Julie Joyce
  2. Can There Really Be 85 Types Of Unnatural Links? – Eric Ward
  3. How To Creatively & Effectively Build Links Using Public Data – David De Souza
  4. What 65 Google Changes May Mean For Your Link Strategies – Eric Ward
  5. How Pandas & Penguins Change Your Link Building Strategy – Erin Everhart
  6. 5 Ways To Get The Best Links For New Websites – Erin Everhart
  7. How To Remove Your Unnatural Inbound Links – Erin Everhart
  8. Linking Strategies For Google Plus Your World – Eric Ward
  9. How To Find Link Prospects Without Using Google – Erin Everhart
  10. Signs Of Linking Over-Optimization – Eric Ward
  11. Why A Diverse Link Profile Is More Critical Than Ever – Julie Joyce
  12. Must-Have Browser Tools For Link Builders – Eric Ward
  13. How To Conduct A Link Audit – Julie Joyce
  14. Why Link Builders Need To Do More Than Just Build Links – Julie Joyce
  15. Infographics: Why They Fail For Link Building – Erin Everhart
  16. Understanding Ranking Lag Time For New Links – Eric Ward
  17. Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013 – Eric Ward
  18. The Unbearable Torture Of Linking – Eric Ward
  19. Link Building Tool Review: Link Prospector – Debra Mastaler
  20. Link Building Tool Review: Ontolo – Debra Mastaler
  21. Link Building Tool Review: Ahrefs – Julie Joyce
  22. When The Going Gets Tough, The Links Get Blamed – Julie Joyce
  23. The Domino Effect Of Links & Relationships – Julie Joyce
  24. Link Building Tool Review: WordTracker Link Builder – Debra Mastaler
  25. The Unintended Consequences Of Link Removal – Eric Ward