[study] Organic Searchers MVP for Ecommerce Websites

  • ByDaniel Ducloux

  • Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Recently a study was done by Custora on ecommerce websites and the lifetime value of it’s customers.

According to Custora in their latest study, the highest value of customers came from organic search at a whopping rate of 54% higher than the average lifetime value of a customer, which was followed by PPC and email. According to this data and Texas SEO’s proven track record, you will need a solid internet marketing strategy for your business. You can visit our Dallas SEO page for more information.


CLV or “customer lifetime value” is a calculation done by companies to identify how much (on average) each person is worth to their business throughout the customers lifetime. This includes looking at the data that presents across channels, demographic, geographic, and other platforms.

For examples, if a customer is acquired through a social media account via Twitter, they are worth 23% less than the average CLV.


Don’t count out email marketing, it is on the rise. Another study noted that email marketing was beating search, social, and others as the largest conversion driver for ecommerce business / websites.

Through this data is sufficient, we also look at the organic search customer acquisition channel as well. This is much higher than email of course.


This study was done on 86 US retailers spanning across 14 industries and studied roughly 72 million customers. The analytics of choice was of course Google Analytics.