Why Guest Blog Posting Isn’t Dead

It wasn’t that long ago that Matt Cutts made a statement that flipped the SEO world upside down. He said that guest blog posting is dead and everyone better stop before it’s too late. Soon after that statement the popular guest blogging site My Blog Guest received a penalty from Google. It seemed as if Matt wasn’t just blowing smoke. He was serious.

A lot of people were thrown into a frenzy and were left scratching their heads asking, “How do I obtain links now?”

This is why a diversified backlinking profile is essential to any SEO campaign. If you practice diversified baklinking then you are making a wise decision. But I also want to let you know that you don’t have to give up your guest bog posting strategy. You may have to tweak it though…


Guest Blog Posting is Alive and Well

Why is guest blog posting not dead? Because websites need content. Whether it be for informational, educational or for entertainment purposes, websites need content and guest posting is a great solution.

It’s not that guest blog posting is dead, it’s just that Google is better at sorting out the junk from the goods. If you write content that is quality and relevant then you shouldn’t be worried. If you are writing content just for a link then you may need to rethink what guest blog posting is.

Remember, it’s important to write content that will benefit whoever stumbles across it and reads it. Content should be written as a resource for the readers, not for the writer.


The Disconnect

I read the article about guest blog posting being dead and it didn’t faze me. It was nothing that I hadn’t heard before it was just presented in a new way. What was basically said was that Google was going to crack down on promotional, spammy guest blog posts. I am ok with that.

The problem is that too many people were abusing guest blog posting with exact match anchor text and other spammy techniques. Others were only building links through the practice as well. Google likes diversity.


It’s important that you focus on creating articles that are worth reading and offer value to your audience. Google’s algorithms are constantly improving and if you are just trying to get a link here or there through guest blog posting then you will be disappointed with what happens.

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