Why Texas SEO?

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  • Friday, February 20, 2015

Why Should you Hire Texas SEO?


longhornAs a business you are held accountable for every dollar you spend. If you are not seeing an acceptable ROI then you are failing. Texas SEO can make huge impacts on the promotion of your product or service. Do not strike a deal with the first company that says they do SEO. A reputable company must give you tangible and sustainable strategies for multiplying your dollar. You need a company that will use a well rounded approach to your campaign. This should in turn enhance your web presence and ROI. And this must all be done in a way that provides long term success.


Don’t Turn Down a Positive ROI


Many people consider SEO to simply be a marketing tool. For example, a business may decide to hire “SEO company A” over “SEO company B” because “A” offers their services at $1000/month less than “B”. Although pricing is a consideration, there are many other elements that should be compared in relation to these two businesses.“B” could potentially offer a campaign that would provide a much better ROI; and even though you’re spending $1000 more a month you could be gaining an extra $2000/ month in extra business as compared to “A”. In this example “B” was dismissed based on inadequate research that failed to delve into the many other elements that construct a great SEO campaign.


SEO Is Not a Tool, It’s a Process


Not all SEO companies are created equally; nor do they all apply the same tools, tactics or approach. By not doing more in depth research you could be settling on a mediocre ROI. These kind of problems arise when businesses do not understand that SEO is not simply a “tool” but a campaign process where analytics must be thoroughly studied and optimized in a way that makes a positive impact on your ROI. Differentiating between SEO companies can be daunting if you do not know what you are looking for. I have laid out a practical guide which serves as a solid starting point for finding the right SEO company.



Five Characteristics of a Substandard SEO Company


1)  Cookie cutter tactics. Every day should be spent treating goals as floating points based on google algorithm changes and updates and shifts in the industry in general. What worked yesterday won’t necessarily work today.


2) It is a second form of income or a hobby. SEO is something that can be done without putting on a suit and tie every day and going into an office building…which is great, but you want to make sure the company you are using is professional and has the resources and industry standard skill set and tools to get a job done thoroughly and properly.


3) Watch out for the pushy salesman gone SEO. You don’t want to be pressured into a contract based on hype. You want to feel confident in methods that will make you money.


4) Beware of the company that offers short term success based on dubious tactics. You want a company that provides a long-term, holistic solution to improving your online presence.


5) Outsourcing. You want a company that can flexible based on your budget and goals. If your work is being outsourced it may be difficult to optimize the best solution for your campaign. If a business does outsource certain elements of your campaign make sure that it is because that is what is best for you and your ROI.


Five Characteristics That Make Texas SEO The Best SEO Company


1) References and testimonials. We have proven success stories based on previous campaigns. Based on these examples, whey can provide you with the confidence that your campaign will succeed.


2) We can meet you on your level of understanding with clear and practical goals. There are no unrealistically grandiose promises. If things sounds too good to be true they probably are. Successful SEO is not based a simple one time cure-all for you to succeed online. Successful SEO is a process in which optimizing many different elements of a campaign is crucial.


3) Pricing structure should be easy to understand. You know what you are paying for, why you are paying for it, and how it is optimizing your ROI. Make sure you are given absolute transparency in regards to your financial commitments.


4) Will will not use unscrupulous tactics that will undermine the integrity of your campaign and ultimately hurt the reputation of your business. There are rules and guidelines that must be adhered to in a proper SEO campaign. If these are not adhered to it hurts you.


5) We offer you practical ways to measure success. For example: More Traffic, click throughs or brand awareness. Regardless of your goals, at the end of the day the elements a campaign is composed of should lead to a good ROI.


ROI Is King


Ultimately an acceptable ROI is the end goal. Texas SEO will provide you with a sustainable long term solution which should result in a positive ROI. Sometimes, even with all the right research and information you will still find that your ROI is not where you want it to be. However, just by having this information you have the upper hand.