4 Reasons Why You Should be Updating Your Blog


If you are a blogger then regularly updating your blog is probably a no-brainer, but if you own another type of website then the idea of having and updating your blog on your site might seem like a foreign idea.

You might be thinking that your customers aren’t interested or that you don’t have time to update your blog with new fresh content. It may seem like a lot of trouble with little reward. Trust me, nothing could be further from the truth.



Google is Watching….Always Watching

Google is paying to attention to what you are doing as well as what you are not doing with your website. If you consistently update a blog on a weekly basis then that shows Google that you are alive and offering something to your audience. This will help you in the long run to gain “favor” in Google’s eyes.



Give Them a Reason

Whether you have customers or fans they are coming to your site for a reason. Either for entertainment or for the sake of learning the answer to a question or both. Whatever the reason may be, give them a reason to stay and check out what’s new. If they see that you have a new piece of content with an intriguing title then they are going to want to read it. If you consistently offer this then they’ll come back and check out what else you have on your site.

If you are a business or an ecommerce site then a blog could be one of the greatest sales tools that you ever invest in for your site. A blog can be your way of attracting a customer into your “store”. It could be used as that eye catching display that lures in customers that might not have stopped in the first place had they not seen that display.


Use a Blog to Build Authority

You may be a popular site, but are you an authority? Use your blog to build your reputation as an authority. Google gives a lot of credit to sites that are considered an authority. Being an authority is invaluable.

Becoming an authority does take a lot of time and work, but when you see other sites and blogs linking to you because of it you will reap some major rewards.


Using a Blog can Grow Your Audience

If you are updating your blog regularly and offering quality content then you better be sharing it on various social media sites. Let the world know that you have something that they want to read. When you update your blog share it and watch your fan base grow as your current followers “like” and share it.


There have been many sites and blogs that I follow now simply because someone that I follow shared it. It caught my interest and I can became a fan. Social sharing is powerful and should not be overlooked.

If you want your website to grow and your rankings to climb to the top then you are going to have to invest some serious time and probably money. You shouldn’t see it as money and time washed down the drain though. You have to consider ROI and view it as a business investment just like any other advertising or marketing. So ask yourself, are you utilizing your blog?


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