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In schools they teach just about everything from religion, to maths, to art to PSE (whatever that is). What they neglect though is a lot of the genuinely useful skills that kids could use to start making money, being heard and changing the world both now and in the future. They don’t tend to teach business skills until college or Uni for instance, and they don’t teach web design or SEO either.

This is a big shame though, as actually web design and SEO are great tools that are in high demand. These are skills kids can sell fresh out of school or online before they’ve even left, and if they want to promote a site of their own then they’ll actually have a huge advantage.

You see the main secret to success in SEO is simply sticking at it and not giving up when you don’t see results right away. The trick is to keep on posting good quality articles, to gradually build up regular visitors, to get your site on good quality and varied (but relevant sites) through link baiting and by writing guest posts for other sites, and to keep promoting your site on social media sites. This all takes time, and it’s really a matter of gradually building up a huge site and a huge and natural looking links profile – which unfortunately most time in full time employment don’t really have time to do (they need to win the bread a bit more quickly…). In other words, if you start doing SEO when you’re 15, you’ll quite possibly be able to live off it by the time you’re 21 and actually need to start paying rent.

Being Systematic

If you’re a teen then who’s interested in making money online, I highly recommend not taking up a part time job. Doing so will be good experience sure, and it will earn you some fast cash, but you’ll get a different kind of experience from doing SEO and in the long run it will be a lot more profitable. You’ll just have to convince your Mum…

Then though you need to treat this as a job and that means writing a certain number of posts for your site every day, sending off a certain number of guest posts every week, and posting a certain number of messages on social media sites every day. Do all this and concentrate on being systematic every day, and eventually you’ll find that your site starts to build momentum.

Take Advantage of Your Age

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You should also make sure that you make the most of your age and your situation. For instance if your school has a newsletter or your Uni has a student paper you should try and get mentioned in that (and of course on the website) – that’s free promotion that you wouldn’t get so readily as an adult.

At the same time you should think about writing for teens. Teenagers provide a fantastic niche because they have a lot of spare time and disposable income, and because there isn’t as much competition out there. Whether you write about bodybuilding, gardening or electronics try giving it a ‘teen slant’ and you’ll find you have an automatic loyal audience.

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Today’s guest post is courtesy Mike K, an internet marketing consultant at Wisdek. With SEO becoming increasingly important day by day for businesses, he feels there is no harm for teenagers to start their own SEO activity from a young age. He likes sharing his experiences and is very vocal about the developments in the SEO industry on his blog.

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