Social SEO Simplified: How to Optimize Your Social Media Posts for the “Other” Search Engines


1. Make sure you write compelling titles- but don’t give away the farm! The idea is to make sure that people click through, not to give them the information right in the headline.


Good Title Vs. Bad Title

Good Title: Who won game 7 of the NBA Finals? Click through for the box score and analysis!

Bad Title: Cleveland wins NBA Championship in Game 7

See the difference? The first compels the reader to come see the story. The second makes reading the story unnecessary.


Title Length

2. Write short titles. Twitter, for example, limits how many characters you can have in a post. If you write a title that’s too long, it’ll be truncated and you lose control of your message.


Meta Descriptions

3. Most of the social sharing platforms like LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook will pull in the meta description of the page as the text to append to a post when content is shared. Why not use that opportunity to write a compelling meta description- it will pay off when it’s shared and on the Search Engine Results Page.


Creative Content

4. Always add content. This is a no-brainer. Content with images- better yet, video- attracts more attention, gets more shares, and leads to more engagement with your message and brand. Try to put a relevant, compelling image on everything you publish.


Social Friendly

5. Add hashtags and possibly an @ reference to your content that’s likely to be shared on Twitter. Then, when a User shares it, it’s already optimized for that platform!


Social Buttons

6. Make sure it’s easy to share your content by adding social sharing buttons to it. You want to reduce the amount of friction it takes for the User to share your content- giving them one button to hit is a lot easier than hoping they will cut the URL and copy/paste it and then add a compelling description and image. Do the work for them- help them, help you!


Create Good Content

4. CREATE GOOD CONTENT- this is the best possible advice in terms of optimizing for social media. If you can create the next ‘Gangnam Style’ and go viral, all of these other elements will come together for the perfect marketing juggernaut.


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